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Posted by on Wednesday July 6, 2011 11:56:9:

A lot of bloggers and content owners nowadays make use of various publishing platforms to make money and the most popular among them is Google adsense.
Google adsense is making a lot of people, especially in Africa to make more meaningful use of the internet by rewarding them for promoting local content on the web. There is a lot of local content the web is lacking about Africa and it seems that their programme with Google is encouraging a lot of internet publishers to upload more local content to the web.

How much have you been making from Google Adsense?
So you've been working at this adsense thingy for quite a while but how much have you been making? Some start up bloggers who have at least 10 unique visitors a day could be making as little as $1 a day while some more popular sites make as much as $100 a day. On the majority, it seems that most people average at about $500 but this is still la huge target for many start up bloggers in developing countries like Kenya. You need to first of all ask yourself, how much do you really make a day if you want to focus on increasing your current income. You don't have to wait until you see your paycheck to start working at increasing it.

Why does Adsense pay little
If you'v been and adsense publisher for sometime, you may have been bothered about why at times it seems that you only earn little from adsense despite your huge efforts. Well, the thing with adsense is that it gets better over a period of time and your ppc or cpm increases as your websites grows and gains more popularity and content. Your Google adsense earnings may naturally be smaller as you start adding content on your website but it will keep growing steadily depending on your efforts and as you get more targeted advertisers, your income is likely to increase.

Tips to increase your Google Adsense earnings
Well I just felt I should share with you guys few tips to increasing your Google adsense and I think it can help promote your current income.
- Increase your site with more blog posts on popular topics
- Increase your page content. if you have 50 pages, try to make it 500 (i.e *10)
- Make comments on other blogs and link back to your site
- You can make use of advertising to bring in more traffic
- Submit articles on articles sites and link back to your site. You can do this on
- Be helpful to users and respond favourably to comments
- Get the email of subscribers using an email serivce like Feedburner

With Google adsense, the main that can really bring in more money for your is traffic and the more traffic your site gets, the more money your are likely to make