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Posted by on Monday November 11, 2013 at 9:4:10:

As a freelance writer, one of the things that can make you stand out by allowing a larger audience know about your work is if you also have a blog where you've published a lot of your writings.

There are a lot of articles writers looking for jobs but the truth is that not all of them have a website or blog where their works can actually be read publicly. Having a website where your writings have been published already can be a good factor that can bring you more writing jobs.

Apart from the fact that listing a blog or website to your online resume at a freelance writing website can boost your resume, it can also allow you to get jobs directly from clients without having to go through the freelancing community.

There are a growing number of bloggers who merely started as online writers and when they've managed to build a good reputation with a personal or commercial blog, they actually get more jobs than they originally used to have.

You can make more money as a writer if you can take the initiative to also apply your writing skills on a blog.

Having a blog as a writer is quite easy and you can simply choose to write about what interests you and without having anyone telling you what to write. What it does for your resume is that it projects your skills much better to your potential clients, most of whom would end up giving you writing jobs if they've read some of your works.

In the freelancing community, there are different types of skills but it's actually those who have a much better resume that get the most jobs.

It can be hard boasting about a resume when you've hardly done any jobs for clients in the community but if you already had a blog or website where you could also publish your past work, it actually increases your chances of getting hired for jobs. So, don't wait for writing jobs to come as a freelancer, do things that would attract them to you.