How to access iWriter and other sites if your IP is blocked

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Posted by on Tuesday October 8, 2013 at 9:35:5:

There are probably a couple of US based websites which offer great opportunities for people to make money online and some of them include freelancing websites like iWriter.

iWriter is one of the few websites that allow people to make money online just by writing articles on request. People get paid by Paypal for jobs they do and submit through the website.

Lately, I've noticed that a lot of people who are already registered members of iWriter have complained that they've been blocked from the site. Well, there is a way around this.

While you should probably not bother yourself in trying to access iWriter website by force if your ip is blocked since there are other sites like Hubpages where you can make money writing, you can still access iWriter by simply changing you IP address.

Changing one's IP address is the way a lot of people get to access websites they've been blocked from even if they were staying in a country that is restricted. You can change your IP by simply subscribing to a VPN provider.

VPN providers offer one an online account that allows them to change their IP to that of any country they want while they are connected to the internet. Personally I use a VPN provider when accessing some restricted USA websites and this works when you are connected to the internet. It works like this, you first connect to the internet and then log into your VPN connection which changes your current IP address to a US or any other IP address that you have subscribed to.

However, like most online service providers, a VPN service doesn't come free but you could ave your costs by subscribing to a 1 year plan rather than monthly plan if you feel that freelancing with sites like iWriter will be profitable for you.

So, when next you want to access that website that restricts you based on your IP location, a VPN service can help you solve the problem.

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