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Posted by on Friday August 2, 2013 at 9:2:2:

One of the best and most profitable ways to make money online is by offering services and this is basically what online

freelancing is about. A freelancer is someone who has got some computer skills and uses them in offering services to clients

from anywhere there is interent service.

A freelancer is free to travel, free to work anywhere as long as there is internet service and so doesn't have to be confined

to a permanent office or location. All he basically needs is a computer, internet access and the skills.

When it comes to making money online as a freelancer in Kenya, there are certain things one has to consider:

- What can you really do?
- The platform for offering services
- How to get paid?

Freelancing is quite an easy online jo to start as you don't specifically need a huge start up capital or your own personal

website but you just need a good resume and the ability to actually use the skills you claim to have.

What can you really do?

As I said, this is one thing you have to first of all consider. As a freelancer in Kenya, you need to first ask yourself

which computer skills do you really have? What service can you offer to people on the internet? Some skills that are in high

demand from freelancing communities include writing, graphic design, web design, programming, data entry and so on.

You need to be able to do the job within the specified time interval stated in the contract as well as with the specific

instructions of your employer. Once you'd done the job, you should then upload it and submit it and wait for it to be

accepted. At times, the client may request for a correction or review of your work.

As you can see most of these skills are things one can do and deliver to the client on the internet without ever meeting with

them. However, in order to ensure transparency, reduce fraud and call a third party to witness, that's why something like a

third party platform is mostly required.

The platform for offering services

A third party is mostly required when offering freelance jobs and it has to be one that is trusted and useful to both

parties(Employer and Employee). Unless the proposed client already knows you, it can be hard doing business directly with you

without a third party platform like a freelance community. That is where established websites like elance, freelancer,

iwriter and guru come to play. They act as witnesses in case of disagreements in the execution of contracts as well as

ensuring that freelancers are actually paid after their work is completed.
The third party platform also provides an escrow account for the client to make payments forward even before the freelancer

begins to work on the job after the contract has been awarded to him.

So you need a platform as a freelancer in order to offer services to the client and getting paid. It could be a third party

platform or your own website. However your own website may not get many clients if they don't already have an established

relationship with you. Besides making use of third party platforms allows you to focus more attention on offering services

rather than on also maintaining the platform.

How to get paid

Getting paid as a freelancer in Kenya is also another things to consider. As a freelancer, you have to choose your preferred

method of payment. The payment mostly comes after the job has been done, delivered and approved by the client. WHen the

client accepts the job, the money which has been held in escrow will now be credited to the account of the freelancer who can

then decide to make withdrawals using the preferred method of payment.
As you might already know, in Kenya, the preferred means of getting paid is Paypal since it's fast, reliable and sves cost.

However there are other methods of getting paid such as bank wires, moneybookers and other electronic means. Whatever payment

method you use, ensure that it best works for you.

Personal opinion
There are a lot of freelancers in Kenya and most of them have writing skills but nto many of them actually get contracts. In

fact many people have never gotten a freelance job before. This is mostly due to the fact that they don't have a good resume

as employers are mostly looking for those with experience. However be patient and you can try things like reducing your

rates, setting up a website to promote your service and so on. By the time you get and do more jobs nd get good reviews from

clients, you may soon be overwhelmed by the number of other jobs that will keep coming because of an improved online


In summary, here is what making money as a freelancer in Kenya involves:

- Posting an online resume as a service provider e.g. writer, web designer
- Applying for posted jobs
- Working on the job when contacted
- Submitting the job
- Getting a payment credit for the job
- Making withdrawals when you want

Also, Paypal is the preferred way of getting paid as a freelancer in Kenya so get used to it.

Which sites do I recommend?

For now, I recommend and

    Re: How to make money online as a Freelancer in Kenya Reply by Sheeroh on Monday November 11, 2013 at 13:41:45:

    I like your comment about being patient Felix. Its a fact. I think many freelancers lose heart after sending a few proposals and getting no response. With time, things improve and one is soon overwhelmed with work as you say!