How I earned my first 2+ USD freelancing with iWriter

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Posted by on Thursday July 25, 2013 at 8:6:4:

Earlier this week I earned what I'd call my first 2+USD from freelance writing and this is from a website I relatively joined newly called iWriter.

iWriter is a freelance website that allows writers to make money writing and employers can get writing jobs done for them. The preferred payment method on this website is Paypal and if you've got a Paypal account and have good writing skills, you can really make good money writing on this website.

Actually I made $2.44 and this was for writing an article of 500 words on a subject I rather had little knowledge about or wasn't in my niche. I actually wrote 566 words since I was in the mood and this was done under an hour of research and writing.

The writing job that I did as I said wasn't something I was well knowledgeable about and so I had to do a bit of Google research before doing my writing. So after doing some Googling for 15 or 20 minutes, I began writing and the job sailed smoothly.

After writing and submitting the article within 2 hrs, I waited for about a day and saw in my email that the article had been approved and that I've earned some cool money. If you ask me, It's not a bad way to make money and if one can write at least 10 articles a day, he could probably make more than $20 a day which is not bad for living in Kenya.

What I did first when I wanted to make money with iWriter was to search for writing jobs posted by employers by clicking the "Write content" link and then chose the job which was available to my membership type. I'm still a standard member but I could move to Elite if I pay some dues.

With iWriter you can get paid many times in a month as long as your earnings have accumulated to at least $20. You could also accumulate your earnings to any amount you want before getting paid. Personally, I've set my minimum payment amount to $200.

Personally I don't make as much money from freelance article writing than from my internet publishing and affiliate marketing, but it seems to be a profitable business to be in for the long term.

If you want to make money from your freelance writing skills, I recommend you Join iWriter today