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The great thing about Freelancing is that you can make money from almost anywhere, work anywhere as long as you have the right skills and an internet connection.

What are Freelancers?
Freelancers are people who are skilled in a particular industry use it to work remotely without being in a restrictive office. Most people who do Freelancing prefer to do so since it helps them work better and earn an extra pay for their skills. Some of them could already have paid 9 - 5 jobs but still do freelancing so as to get more jobs rather than being present physically for every 2nd or 3rd job. Seen people or know friends who do 2 or 3 jobs just to survive in the city? Well Freelancers work smarter. They do the same kind of work but without being always physically present. Nowadays with the internet, a lot of people with computer skills like graphic artists, writers, web designers, bloggers adn even accountants do freelancing work from their homes or on the road.

How does it really work and how can one make money from it?
Well first of all you need the following things:
- An online account with a freelance network like, or others. They are many
- Porftolio of your previous work
- Price quotation for services
- Escrow account

Why Freelancing is working
A lot of American companies who already have job contracts are sub-contacting it out to cheaper and affordable work groups in places like India which has a high number of IT professionals and their services costs really cheaper than what they would pay people in the USA. In most rich nations, the case is mostly so as corporations tend to give freelance jobs to people and places where it can be got cheaper and yet with the same quality. This is saving a lot of companies labour costs while also helping the economies of lesser developed nations like India and even Kenya develop. The good thing about Freelancing is that it doesn't really matter which country you are from, as long as you get approved for a job and you deliver, you will get paid.

How it really works
You can set up your own website where you offer services and also get a freelance account from any of the numerous sites that accept your country and create a profile for yourself. You then search for projects in your industry and bid on them noting the requirements and terms of contract. If you win the bid for the contract, the contractor pays a sum in your favour to an escrow or temporary account held by your freelance network who will then hold the money and pay you when it is completed. It is so easy and your money can be accumulated until you wish to wire it to your domiciliary account in Kenya.

Getting started:
Just identify the skill you are good at and create a professional looking website of your services.
Create an account with any of the numerous freelance networks like or Big for jobs that you can do and offer it at an attractive price. Follow steps to promote your profile, if possible, you could even do jobs for almost free just to improve your ranking. The more jobs your do and its quality, the better jobs you will be getting. Your earnings will be held in escrow until after you have completed the job with the contractor's approval and the money can be wired to your bank account in Kenya. It is that easy but you just need to be able to deliver.

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Surely freelancing is very interesting, its a richness dream brought closer .....thank you founder.