Over 90% of Kenyan internet traffic is mobile

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Posted by on Thursday February 6, 2014 at 9:19:48:

I've always kind of known about this but after reading a report on a a particular Kenyan website as well as many other reports about internet usage in Africa, I've come to understand that majority of internet users in Africa, particularly Kenya are actually mobile traffic.

What this means is that if you have a website that targets Kenyans who use the internet, chances are that over 90% of that traffic actually come from mobile phone users.

What does this mean to a website owner whose geographic target is Kenya? Well, it means that one can get an advantage by making your website at least more useful and appealing to mobile users if you want to make them loyal. It also means that one could make more money from mobile advertising than by focusing on desktop advertising.

Well, it may not apply to all websites as it would depend on what type of traffic that website is already getting.

Well, I recently checked out the Google analytic report for MakeMoneyKenya.com and this is possible since I've added some analytic code to this website. From the reports, I've come to realize that up to 30% of my visitors come from Opera mini, another 28% or so come from FireFox while another significant portion comes from Chrome.

In summary, it means that although a majority of users who visit this website are mobile users using opera mini and some Android browsers, it it still not a huge majority given that I still have about 60% of visitors who use a combination of the Firefox, Chrome and IE browser.

Anyway, it does make sense to make a website a bit mobile friendly apart from just being good for desktop users. This is because more and more people are more addicted to mobile phones than desktops or laptops nowadays.

Anyway, our website is mobile and you can check us out at makemoneykenya.com/m