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Posted by on Tuesday November 5, 2013 at 9:0:4:

When it comes to blogging, keywords are one of the most important elements to be considered. You need to focus on which particular keywords you want to capture. Which keywords would make you the most money or at least give you the best satisfaction for your work?

It wouldn't make much sense if you are just blogging randomly and after writing say over 1000 blog posts and your blog is still not making any money. Personally, I believe that if I'm starting up a blog that the blog should start making money for me even before I've written up to 500 blog posts or else, I'm still not doing something right.

Blogging with keywords in mind is one of the most effective ways to turn a blog into a money maker an because some keywords pay much more than others, it's only ideal to start choosing which keywords you want to write about.

There is a blogger named Mr A and he just likes blogging about his daily activities and what he basically does or enjoys doing. He runs a personal blog with his name. He has written over 200 blog posts and uses pay per click advertising to monetize but she still doesn't make much money from her blog. There is a case of another blogger named Mr B who blogs is focused on tech reviews. He normally reviews tech products like phones, laptops, tablets and spying tools. He is into blogging with tech keywords in mind and uses PPC to monetize his blog. Unlike Mr A, Mr B's blog is already breaking even as he makes enough money for it that is sufficient to pay for the basic costs and keep some savings.

A random blogger may be able to make a small impact in the blogger world but a keyword focused blogger would be able to make more impact because he is more focused on a few number of keywords which help his blog get the best traffic from search engines. A personal blog can earn money if people already know the person and simply identify with the blogger on a personal level but a keyword blogger would be able to make money since he'd be able to attract more targeted traffic for the online advertisers related to his brand.

If you want to make money with your blog, it is more effective if you target the right keywords with your content such that people would be willing to pay your for adverts in the long term and not just the short term. Some keywords pay better than others and so you should seek for the one that best satisfies your need as a blogger.