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Posted by on Wednesday October 16, 2013 at 12:5:31:

Blogging is about adding content to a website and the more content hat gets published to a blog, the more it becomes important to search engines and the web community and the more its potential to earn money.

What does it take to make money with a blog? What are the several ways one can make money just from blogging? Well, this blog post will focus on some of those ways and I hope it would be helpful to readers.

When a blog starts receiving a lot of traffic and the page views, the higher it's potential to make money since this is mostly human traffic we are talking about.

Ways to make money from blogging
A blog can be monetized in several ways such as the following:

1. Selling advertising space:
This has to do with allowing online advertisers place adverts on your blog for a fee. It can be a flat period fee or based on a criteria such as clicks or impressions. Advertisers favoured by bloggers include Google(adsense), Chitika, Addynamo and even infolinks. It may also be a direct advertiser who doesn't pay you based on clicks or impressions but on a time period. To attract online advertisers to your blog, it has to be people friendly, get a lot of useful traffic and be helpful to your advertiser's business. Sites with a lot of traffic can make a lot of good money from selling their advertising space.

2. Selling own products:
If you've got your own product or service as a company or individual, blogs can easily generate a lot of sales for you since those blogs would contain a lot of useful information as well as customer feedback on that item. You can sell digital or physical products using a blog and this can be e-books, videos, subscriptions, mobile phones, laptops and even hotel and airline bookings if your blog gets a lot of traffic related to that niche.

3. Referring customers for a commission
This is basically what affiliate marketing involves. You can easily refer customers to your client if you have a blog that is about products or services. People buy stuff from time to time and for customers who are potential shoppers, the chances of them buying through your referral are high if they trust your blog and follow your recommendation. Blogs that do well in referring customers are the ones that have a lot of helpful details about things people want to buy and this could be laptops, phones, cameras, dating sites, hotel and travel bookings. Blogs that do well in making online referrals are the niche blogs rather than just the general blogs. Niche blogs can focus on a particular category of products or service and would be able to easily attract customers. A blog about laptops is a niche blog and same also for a blog about travel.

4. Sponsored posts: When a blog becomes an authority site, it's chances of making money just from publishing paid posts from time to time also increases. Businesses know that some blogs are more important to their business than others and can easily get them more customers. So, don't be surprised if you get an email for a sponsored post on your blog. You can also attract businesses by telling them that sponsored posts are part of the services your blog offers and you should state your rate and conditions in the offer. Some high earning blogs earn a lot of their income from making posts about small businesses and it can be about restaurants, hotels, real estate, mobile money and so on.

5. Blogging as a job:
Some companies may also hire known bloggers to work for them on their corporate blog. If you've got a blog that relates to what their company ideals are or if you are just a known blogger, you chances of getting a full time job in such companies also increases. You could get an offer to work as a blogger on a salaried job or you could even apply as a job n those companies as a blogger and used your blog as your resume. Believe me, they would not really focus much on your academic qualifications but on your blogging experience and may even hire you. You may be hired on a full time or part time basis. The good thing is that you could still keep your blog, receive a monthly salary and still earn money online.

6. Blog flipping
Blog flipping is basically about selling blogs when they mature. It has to do with first of all starting a blog, growing it to maturity and then selling it to people who are willing to pay for it.
Blogs which are good for flipping are the ones that offer benefits to the potential owners and these can be small businesses trying to capture a niche in the online market. Blogs that are god for flipping are mostly the niche blogs which are the ones devoted to keywords like hotel booking, travel bookings, real estate, investment, credit cards, car loans and finance and so on. One important thing to note about blog flipping is that if you do intend to sell the blog in the future, then you should keep that in mind from the onset and only add content that would make your blog sellable in the future..

These are the ways I know one can make money from blogging. I hope it was helpful?

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