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Posted by on Friday August 31, 2012 12:57:46:

Most blogs are setup with either Wordpress or Blogger and it basically requires a publishing platform, a web host and publishing account.

In Kenya, there is a growing number of blogs and you too can get on that bandwagon and make some money online.

What does it mean to blog? It basically means to make an entry or a log on a website. As a blogger, you have a publishing account that allows you to add updates to your website for the whole world to see. Blogs are powerful and carefully designed to get a lot of audience.

Making a blog post
A blog post is a post containing items such as texts, pictures, videos or files that you have added to your blog after creating them and publishing using your editing program. You may publish a post containing 200 to 500 words of text and that would be a good post.

How often should I blog?
Some professional bloggers blog all the time like daily but bloggers tend to blog weekly or even monthly or as public information becomes updated. A blog that is not updated for at least 6 months is considered a less active, dead or dying blog.

Getting the right traffic
Blogs need traffic to survive or at least be useful to people. One of the things that drive traffic to a blog is content and the more content your blog has, the more traffic it would get, thanks to search engines. Another thing that can increase your blog's traffic is the niche it is in. Keywords can bring traffic to your blog and if it is setup in the right niche or keywords, it would keep getting traffic in the long term. Niche blogs tend to get more traffic in their focus areas than general blogs. A blog just needs to be useful to people for it to gain that loyalty.