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Posted by on Tuesday August 13, 2013 at 11:10:2:

One of the good news for website publishers and bloggers now is that Addynamo is coming to town.

Of course, you probably know about pay per click networks like Google adsense and others.

Selling your website space to pay per click advertising is one of the ways to make money blogging in Kenya and this is basically allowing advertising networks to place ads on your blog and get paid when people click on them. Well, Addynamo is one of such large advertising networks and they've already made success in countries like South Africa and Nigeria.

Ad:Dynamo has African roots and has a way of connecting with local advertisers probably much better than Google does and this means they would become a major competitor to Google Adsense.

What this means is that bloggers and publishers in Kenya would now have more options to make money from their sites besides just Adsense.

How bloggers make money from blogging is Kenya is by simply monetizing their blogging efforts in a variety of ways such as direct selling, allowing adverts, selling subscriptions, affiliate marketing. The basic job of the blogger would actually be providing fresh and useful content on their website through periodic publishing of articles and that helps bring traffic to their website.

Ad:dynamo is not just a platform for publishers but also for online advertisers who want to promote their products or services. For publishers, they would earn income when they drive traffic to Ad:dynamo's publishers when visitors click on adverts.

Ad:Dynamo also offers varying forms of payment which are more flexible than Adsense since they pay using a debit card, Paypal and by bank deposit. In Africa, they are one of the fastest paying publishing networks.

Although Ad:Dynamo, based on publishers' reviews, does not earn publishers are much income as Adsense does based on clicks but they are sure catching up more quickly. As they get more advertisers, the pay per click for publishers would also rise.

Ad:Dynamo also offers several advertising formats for publishers to use and this includes web and mobile ads which come in almost the same sizes as other networks.