How to make money with a website - Part 2

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Posted by on Tuesday October 2, 2012 at 15:45:14:

How do websites really make money? How do you turn a website into a money making website? How many websites in Kenya really make profit?
Websites are special destinations that publishes one's identity to the world. With a website, one's voice can be heard the world over.

Ways to make money with a website
Websites can make money in either of 2 ways which are:
- Offline
- Online

With a corporate website, you can be converting web traffic to your real world business. Your website can be a sort of listing or brochure telling potential clients of what you are about. In the end, it also provides the public a means of contacting you assuming they would want to buy what you are offering. Adding a physical address, contact number and other details can drive that web traffic to real traffic to your business. So, assuming you are an investment company or into insurance, people can actually meet with your business after going though your business and may decide to invest in your company.
Websites that use this method include those of banks, insurance, real estate, web developers, consulting and so on

This has to do with actually making money directly from your website. This would normally include telling people what your business is about and giving them a means to order online and receive goods or services they'v paid for. Some websites and online business setups can sell and deliver to clients their entire order on the web while some may have to do physical deliveries for tangible goods. You can sell digital items online, flight tickets, hotel bookings or even do food deliveries to registered customers. In all those ways, people would either make an order and get served online or make an order online and then get served offline.
Websites that make money using this means includes downloading websites, publishing websites, online shopping websites, booking websites and so on.

So you can create a website and turn it into a money maker to help market an existing business or make the website an entire business on its own without having to do any physical selling.