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Posted by Felix okoli on Tuesday September 29, 2015 at 14:26:9:

Aliexpress is a Hong Kong based shopping website that allows the world to buy things from China. I've purchased some good things from Aliexpress but I've also made money just by promoting them as a cool shopping destination thanks to their Affiliate marketing program.

Yes, Aliexpress has an online affiliate program that allows affiliates to make money just by referring customers. Since I have an online presence through my website, I signed up for their marketing program and since then, traffic that I keep sending to them earns me some form of credit in form of affiliate commissions.

Aliexpress recently paid me my affiliate commission after I've accumulated some income and requested for a withdrawal of my earnings. It was paid by a bank wire and it was credited to my savings account. There is normally a fee of about $15 when withdrawing your commission through bank wire and so I suggest you wait till you earn around $100 to make it worthwhile but you can withdraw anytime even if you just have $16. So, if you wanted to know if Aliexpress really pays affiliates in Africa for their earnings, yes they do and I'm witness.

What did it take for me to make money from Aliexpress? Well, I simply built my blog for a while and applied for their Affiliate program after which I was able to generate my affiliate links and banners which I use on my website. When visitors visit my site and clicked to buy things from Aliexpress, I stand to earn a commission of about 9% from the purchase. What I really love about their affiliate program is that the affiliate cookie has a lifespan of up to 30 days unlike that of Amazon which lasts for about 24 hrs.

You can write a blog post or make a YouTube video about a product being sold on Aliexpress and then include your affiliate links on that post. When people buy, you make money. It's that easy.

You can promote Aliexpress to your audience which may be locally for Kenyans or globally because they send goods to most places around the world and you can help your potential visitors with tips on how to shop on Aliexpress.

Kenyans can buy things from China through Aliexpress and it's basically a portal where buyers and sellers can meet. The buyer can normally make payment for goods they want using payment platforms such as Visa or Mastercard and then the seller would send the goods out to Kenya through postal mail or faster mail service like DHL, Fedex or UPS and also provide the buyers with a tracking number. The buyer will then confirm that the goods have been shipped out using the tracking number and tracks it until it reaches his destination. Buyers are encouraged to make use of the buyer protection policy which Aliexpress offers to protect themselves until they received their order and are satisfied with it.

Shopping on Aliexpress from Kenya is easy and possible and you can make money by being an online marketer for them through their affiliate program.

To get started with Aliexpress' affiliate program, just visit their home page and click on the link that says affiliate program.