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Posted by on Friday May 8, 2015 at 21:20:3:

One of the top 3 ways through which I make money online is from affiliate marketing and I have to say that promoting shopping websites like Amazon have actually not been easy given that they already have a lot of affiliates and don't pay a high commission as some other affiliate programs. I guess one of the reasons why I don't make much money as an Amazon affiliate is because I don't promote them that much and majority of my traffic don't come from people living in the USA but that doesn't mean that people outside the USA such as Kenyans can't buy things from Amazon.

Anyway, I've been making some income from Amazon's associate program and just wanted to share how I recently made a commission of $60 on a single sale.

Amazon's associate program just like most other affiliate programs normally pays a commission to affiliates based on the value of sales they've helped to bring and this is normally referred to as a commission rate. For Amazon, you can earn about 4% of the sales value of the sold item. What that means is that if someone you invited to Amazon buys an item worth $100, you will make at least $4 as your commission for that sale.

Well, something similar like that happened to me as someone that followed my affiliate link purchased Amazon gift card by email worth $1000 and since my commission rate at that time was 6%, my account was credited with a $60 commission for that sale I helped to convert.

I normally use a couple of Amazon banners on my websites and also use them at times in form of hyperlinks especially when reviewing a specific product and this helps me to bring some conversions.

One thing about getting commission for sale of gift cards by email is that they are faster since they are normally delivered faster electronically unlike if you were waiting for commissions for physical products which take time for shipping and the likelihood for cancellation or return of gift cards are less.

I don't live in the USA but I'm still able to make money online from a US shopping website called Amazon and I normally get paid by means of gift cards or my US bank account courtesy of Payoneer. A third option available to Amazon affiliates outside the USA is by getting paid with a US bank issued cheque.

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