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Posted by on Wednesday February 11, 2015 at 9:20:5:

One of the cool ways I've normally mentioned through which Kenyans can make money online is by doing affiliate marketing.

Nowadays, when it comes to affiliate marketing programs that are available to Kenyans, it's not just the ones that are based in foreign countries that one should focus on but also on local programs too and the recommended one now is that which Jumia is currently offering.

Jumia is an online shopping website that launched in Kenya about 2 years ago(March 2013) and it's one of the biggest online shopping websites that sells quite a variety of stuff in Kenya. What I love about Jumia Kenya is that they deliver to everywhere in Kenya. They have things like clothes, shoes, books, mobile phones, electronics, baby items and many other things. I think they are the most well stocked shopping website I've seen in Kenya.

Jumia needs people with an attractive online presence to help sell their products and this is one sure way bloggers can make money with their ad space.

One thing most Kenyans are wary of when it comes to online shopping is on the safety of their funds if they do pay in advance and that's why shopping on Jumia makes sense - They can choose to pay on delivery!

What is basically takes to make money with Jumia's affiliate program is by first of all having an online presence through which you can market them, registering with Jumia as an affiliate and then copying your affiliate link or banner which you can then use on your online platform such as your blog or social media page.

You can promote your Jumia affiliate link with your website, blog, Facebook page , Twitter page or even YouTube channel and I know it works but I do think the best method is your own fully owned blog.

How do you really make money? How does the Jumia affiliate program really work?

Well, after you've started using and promoting your Jumia affiliate link on your online platform and your visitors click on it and buy something from Jumia, you will get credited with a commission which will be paid to you at a later date.

Jumia's affiliate program is one of the few online affiliate programs available directly to Kenyans which pays directly to them in the local currency and so unlike other affiliate programs such as Amazon or Clickbank, you don't even need to have a Paypal or US bank account to receive your earnings.

How much commission does Jumia pay out to Kenyan affiliates? Well, it ranges for different products and I've see that it ranges from 2% to 9% on the price of the product sold. So, let's assume that your referral purchases an item worth Ksh 1,000 and the commission rate is 4%, then you'd get credited as an affiliate with Ksh 40.

How long does your cookies last? Well, those who know about affiliate marketing will know a thing or two about cookies. It's like a bit of data that contains information about your referrals and it helps your merchant remember that this particular referral clicked on your website last before making a purchase. The good thing is that the cookie length for Jumia's affiliate program lasts for up to 30 days and that means that even if your referral doesn't buy something from Jumia on the same day that they clicked on your affiliate link but do so at a later date within the 30 days lifespan of your cookie, you'd still get credited. I think I prefer this to Amazon's cookie lifespan which lasts for only 24 hrs.

How to get started?
It's easy:
- Register as an affiliate with Jumia Kenya
- Create your affiliate links/banners
- Use them on your online platform.