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Posted by on Tuesday March 26, 2013 at 12:27:37:

One of the ways you can also make money online in Kenya is by referring targeted online advertisers and getting rewarded for it.

I remember one time I made some good income from the Bidvertiser affiliate program. Bidvertiser pays a commission for first time advertisers you bring in and the rates are encouraging. There are many affiliate programs like that which credit you for bringing in online advertisers and the other good thing is that those advertisers could also directly target your website giving you the opportunity to also earn from clicks.

It works like this, if you have a website that attracts a good amount of traffic, you may offer to sell advertising space on that website and still get paid for referring advertisers. You don't get into a contract with the advertiser since you are only promoting a third party which in this case is an online advertising network.

There are many online advertising networks that pay website owners a commission for referring advertisers or clients to their network and you get a kickback when those advertisers spend money. Some of these networks also offer you the opportunity to refer targeted advertising which in this case allows those advertisers to advertise directly on your website.

What this set up needs:
- Your website should have traffic
- Be signed up as an affiliate
- Place the affiliate link on your site

Now you will be able to refer advertisers who may want to try out the advertising network and get a commission for doing so. You should also setup the link in such a way that advertisers may be able to directly place adverts on your site using that platform.

    Re: Make money as an affiliate attracting advertisers Reply by Ian omondi on Saturday April 6, 2013 at 19:38:14:

    I want to try it out help pliz