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Posted by on Saturday February 9, 2013 at 11:50:27:

When it comes to making money from affiliate marketing, it is mostly about keywords and websites which have established niches tend to get more organic traffic for their niche keywords.

Imagine someone searching for cheap laptops or solar lamps, he is more likely to go to a website that has a lot of useful content focused on stuff like laptops or solar energy.

Niche websites are websites that are more focused on particular products/services or group of products/services. If I had a blog about Kenyan music and talk about the latest albums and songs by musicians, I'm more likely to do well if I also drive traffic to music selling websites related to the brand I promote.

You can decide to dominate a less competitive niche of a highly competitive one and there are ways in which your website can still be relevant to your intended audience who are the potential buyers.

When people search for things like Rayban sunglasses or Apple Ipads, they are more likely to buy it if you have a website that talks a lot about it, a niche site. Even if such keywords are highly competitive globally, you can still dominate a local search by sharing your Kenyan experience with an Ipad. This allows you to focus on Kenyans that probably want to buy an Apple ipad online and would most likely buy it if a fellow Kenyan recommended it via a review.

What kind of niche site would you want to build? What kind of products would you want to focus on? Niches like web hosting, domain names, laptops, hotels and so on are highly searched.

How much can one earn from affiliate marketing? Well it depends on how many sales you make and the value of each commission. I remember an article about web hosting that helped me make at least one referral a year, I got up $100 for that single referral alone even though I was not well established in that niche. Imagine if I had a niche blog about laptops, web hosting, digital cameras or Apple Ipad. A single sale can help me make over $50 and that's awesome. Affiliate merchants tend to pay about 4% to 10% per sale and this is not too bad if you ask me.

Once your dominate a niche with your website, you are more likely to make more affiliate sales as long as you keep getting the right traffic.

A good way to dominate a niche is by simply writing and publishing a lot of articles relating to that niche and the more content your website has, the higher your chances of making a valid referring that adds credit to your affiliate account.