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Posted by on Tuesday December 11, 2012 at 10:3:0: has a large marketplace where sellers and buyers constantly trade. You can get a lot of products from the store and there are opportunities for affiliate marketing too.

Amazon has an affiliate marketing program called Amazon associates and this allows you to make money by simply referring buyers or potential buyers to the store in order to get a commission on sales.

Their affiliate commission is based on rates that are flexible and can rise if you refer a lot of items. Let's say an item is worth $100 and your referral commission rate is 5%, you get to earn about $5.

You can refer a lot of stuff from laptops, cameras, mobile phones, mp3 downloads and even tablets like the Kindle Fire and if you do make a sale, your commission would be recorded.

How do you get paid as an Amazon affiliate? Well they do offer a couple of payment options such as their gift card, check or bank deposit(US only). When your affiliate commissions accumulate, you can request for payment depending on your settings and the payment would be sent.

I normally prefer using the gift card option since it is the fastest and you can use it for shopping on the Amazon store. You can however choose your preferred payment option by going to account settings.

In order to really make good money from the affiliate program, you'd need to have a lot of traffic on your site or any site where your affiliate links are embedded because the more traffic you get, the higher the likelihood of of getting more converting sales.

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    Best of all can be made,with a lot of effort....!!!