When is an Affiliate progam profitable?

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Posted by on Thursday October 2, 2014 at 8:30:45:

There are many online affiliate programs people can do now and there are more of them now than there were in the past but it's one thing to join an affiliate program as a marketer and another to be successful at it.

I've signed up for a lot of affiliate programs but it's not all of them that I could consider as profitable. For instance, I've signed up to affiliate programs related to web hosting but I've only earned less than $200 from it for 2 years and so I wouldn't consider that as a profitable venture. Well, I guess the reasons why I'm not so successful at affiliate programs related to niches like web hosting is probably because I don't have a serious blog dedicated to web hosting and most people who visit my blogs tend to come there with the purpose of making money.

There is however another affiliate program that I recently signed up for about a year or so and have already made about $800 from it. I would consider that second program a successful one because I've made more from it than the former and also because the income is growing fast and has already paid for expenses I've incurred in promoting that niche.

An affiliate program can be considered profitable if it is able to pay for costs you've so far incurred in promoting the brand and have some excess income over. So, let's assume you'v so far spent $100 in doing things like setting up a niche website, paying for domain names and other expenditure, if you are able to earn something like $150 or $200, then it can be considered as a profitable program for you as an affiliate.

Affiliates promote brands in different ways such as by setting up niche sites, using social media, using their personal blogs, publishing articles on popular websites, using paid advertising and so on. Personally, for me, I make use of niche websites and so if I want to promote a program related to say online shopping, I would set up a blog and domain name that is related to online shopping and then post a lot of articles only dedicated to that niche. It works for me but I also have to consider the money I've so far invested into the platform and if it becomes profitable for me, then I would keep promoting the brand else I may either flip the site, dump it or just remain patient.

I normally believe that any affiliate program can be successful for anyone if he really believes in it, works hard and it patient enough. It may take more time and/or cost more money but you need to keep working at it and trying out new strategies until it becomes a profitable investment for you.