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Posted by on Wednesday February 19, 2014 at 15:37:37:

As I already wrote about in my article on how to make money with Facebook, I mentioned that it was a great platform for marketing since it connects with people on a social level. One of the ways through which you can make money with Facebook is by using it to promote an affiliate program.

An affiliate program is basically a program that allows you to make money when you refer buyers to the merchant. Before joining the program, one would first of all sign an agreement with the merchant or network that offers the program and then use his affiliate link to drive sales for a commission.

Nowadays, there is a growing number of ways through which internet marketers make money from affiliate programs. Some use Video marketing on sites like YouTube, some use blogging and article writing. However, there is a growing number of people now using social media platforms like Facebook.

Using a Facebook page for marketing
Let's say you joined an affiliate program that is into selling ipads for instance. You could stand to make about 5 to 10% per sale on any iPad your refer to customers. Now, when you consider the effort and money required to set up a niche blog just to promote iPads, you'd find out that it is actually easier to just open a niche page on Facebook. Yes, Facebook allows you to create pages and as far as I know, there is no limit yet to the number of pages you can create with your Facebook account.

A Facebook page is like a webpage and you can use it to promote your affiliate link. You can create a page by simply uploading pictures related to the affiliated product and then write a review on it. As more and more people visit the page looking for answers, you stand to earn more credit by answering their questions and providing them with tips. The more content you Facebook page has, the more traffic it would pull from search engines and the more likely you are going to make a commission from the affiliate links you have used on that page.

To Create a Facebook page is easy as you can do so by logging into Facebook and then going to

Using Facebook Ads for marketing:
Apart from creating a Facebook page for marketing to people, a quicker way through which you can get targeted traffic is by making use of Facebook pages. Unlike a Facebook page, you need to spend money on this and it is a pay per click sort of advertising just like Google adwords. The good thing about this is that you can targeted the right people easily based on their age, religion, school or even geographic location.

Some companies or marketers who use Facebook for their business may use a combination of Facebook ads and Pages just tor get the traffic they want. Whichever one works best for you, just stick to it.

Once you've create a Facebook page or ad, you would just include your affiliate link into it when you describe the product or service you are promoting. You can use a combination of pictures, videos and texts and then include your affiliate link. I'd advise you also use a url shortner when embedding your links on Facebook.