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Posted by on Wednesday January 15, 2014 at 8:35:40:

When it comes to online affiliate marketing, there are lots of work which modern day affiliate marketers tend to do and it's really not easy trying to outwit your competition just to earn a few bucks from your links.

Affiliates tend to do things like setting up niche websites, posting links in online forums and communities, including links in personal blogs and social networks as well as making use of video marketing.

Video marketing is basically what this post is all about and how you can earn more money as an affiliate by making a good promotional video.

Think of a situation like where you'd been recruited as an online marketer for perhaps a local bank and you are to be paid about 5% commission for every fund a customer brings in through you. You can use the internet to get a lot of income just by publishing a video that goes viral

Popular video sites like Youtube are a good platform to publish your video but it's not just about publishing your video but about making it. A good video, even if it just 5 mins long can really bring you a lot of affiliate income.

The thing about YouTube videos is that is tends to get a higher rank in search engines based on how many times people visit that page and so the more views it gets, the more comments and hence the higher it ranks in search engine results.

You may decide to title your video like this "Best saving accounts in Kenya" and then create an interesting video on it. It could be a funny video in English laced with some local language. It should be entertaining and understandable to the people you are targeting it at. You can also promote your video through social media sites and blogs. The more popular you video gets, the more it gets more popular but you shouldn't forget to include your landing page or affiliate contact so that your commissions would be locked down.

If you are a marketer for a bank, you can include your mobile phone contact in a description below the video so that interested customers can connect with your personally and you get to earn your commission. If you are an online marketer making use of affiliate links with a merchant's store, you should just include your affiliate link or website so that visitors who end up buying from the merchant may earn you some commission.

A lot of people engage in affiliate marketing but only focus on writing articles and posting links on websites but disregard the power of video marketing. Videos say a lot about a product or service you are promoting as people would be more willing to buy into things they can see rather than just read.

In Summary
- Get your affiliate link
- Create a good 2 to 5 mins video and publish it on YouTube
- Include your affiliate link or contact in the description
- Allow people to leave feedback

You will be surprised at how much income videos can make for you from your videos.