Jumia opens affiliate program directly to Nigerians

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Posted by on Tuesday January 7, 2014 at 11:30:22:

With the way Amazon-like online shopping websites are growing in Africa, it would only make sense for Kenyans who wish to make money online not to miss the train.

I guess you already know about Jumia Kenya, one of the favourite places to shop online. Although Jumia may not be as popular or strong in Kenya as it is in countries like Egypt or Nigeria, It's only a matter of time before they become really dominant and may start offering an affiliate program directly to Kenyans too.

As at the last quarter of 2013, Jumia opened up its affiliate program to Nigerians directly. In the past, they had to partner with affiliate networks like Commission Junction and people from all over the world were allowed to participate as long as they could participate through CJ. CJ normally pays by Paypal and have a lot of members. The other way through which Jumia has been promoting themselves is through advertising networks like Google adwords and they've really spent millions of money in such channels.

However, it seems that lately they are trying something different or at least trying something in a different way - They are connecting to publishers directly and hence cutting out the middlemen.

This is an opportunity for Africans to get serious about their affiliate marketing business. You don't have to make money by selling or competing with giants like Jumia or Amazon when you can make money by simply promoting their platform and this is what their affiliate program is all about.

Already, there are successful stories of Nigerians who are making good income from Jumia's affiliate program and who knows, they may offer the same to Kenyans.

It somehow seems that Jumia would like to dominate Africa and countries like Kenya seem to be in their plan. If you'd like to make money with Jumia or any other online shopping website in the future, it's better to start now. Get into the affiliate marketing wagon and create niche product blogs that people are likely to buy online. It could be your Facebook or Twitter account. It could be with a niche website that gets traffic. or a YouTube video that has gone viral.

Online shopping is growing in Kenya and a good way to plan for the future as an affiliate is to create platforms that would allow you to market consumer products and hence earn a commission while doing so.

You don't need to sell online when you can make millions selling for others.

Personally, one way I promote my affiliate marketing campaigns is by creating niche blogs where I do product reviews or lifestyle reviews. I try to make use of article writing to promote my affiliate links.

Create a website and add a lot of content around it relating to things like fashion, computers, household items, autos, food and so on. By the time your website starts getting a lot of traffic, it would soon be able to earn money from things you refer your users to.

You can promote affiliate sales through a lot of other channels apart from just blogging or article writing. You can make use of social networks like Twitter or Facebook. In whatever you do, just try to make it an attractive destination to people and try to keep them subscribed so that whatever happens, your readers would be able to follow you whenever they are updates.

If Jumia opens up its affiliate program in Kenya, they would offer direct payments too and allow a lot of people who have blogs, video channels and social media presence an opportunity to make money from online shopping.