5 ways to drive more traffic to your affiliate page

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Posted by on Friday October 11, 2013 at 10:27:16:

Assuming you already signed up as an affiliate for a merchant and have chosen to promote their products, one of the things that would ultimately determine how much you can make from that affiliate program is the number of customers you are able to push to that seller.

This is what traffic really means in affiliate marketing. You can't get sales if you don't drive traffic and such traffic should be targeted on your affiliate link. The traffic an affiliate link gets is relative to the number of people who actually visit that link by clicking it.

Online affiliate programs normally come with web links that carry a unique affiliate id and this is very important because you shouldn't omit it if you want to actually get credited for referring customers.

Ways to drive drive traffic
1. Search engine optimization
If you've got a niche site or blog that is dedicated to affiliate marketing, improving it's traffic using SEO skills can ultimately improve your affiliate traffic. This basically involves making your website rank high in website pages. The focus is on having good search engine ranking and this can involve adding more content, attracting more subscribers, getting back links from external websites as well as allowing and posting replies to comments on your site. It would also involved improving your strengths and working on your weakness.

2. Email marketing
If you can get a lot of people on your email list, then you can easily improve traffic to your affiliate links. A website or blog that has 1000 subscribers would probably get more traffic to affiliate pages than one with just 100 subscribers. So build your list and use it to your advantage.

3. Banner advertising
This involves making use of banners from your affiliate account and advertising them on your niche site. Visitors are more likely to click on banners they see often on your site and hence this would drive more traffic to your affiliate page. Banners are beautiful and attracts clicks when they are placed in visible spots.

4. Publish content on third party sites
At times, publishing content on other sites rather than just your own site may give your more reach and leverage to capture a much wider audience. Some websites naturally have a wider audience and if you just stick to your own site, you may not reach more people than if you posted content on other sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Hubpages, Guest blogs, forums and Classified listings.

5. Newspaper advertising
This also involves putting in money first just to get traffic to your website but it's an offline method. A small classified advert on a popular newspapers can get your site a lot of traffic even on a single day. You should be able to convert that traffic to an email list by using services like Feedburner or Aweber.

There are many other ways to drive traffic to your affiliate page and I just shared some of them here.

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