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Posted by John on Sunday July 3, 2011 7:37:42:

You can make money by just helping other people sell their products and you can do this using the internet.
This is what affiliate marketing really is about. You don't own the goods or services but you help promote its sales by getting consumers or buyers for the seller.
Affiliate marketing involves doing a marketing campaign on behalf of the merchant and as an affiliate with the aim of getting a commission on each sale or as agreed. In AM, your goal is to make as much sale as possible in order to keep a good relationship with the seller.
You job would be to identify people who need the item and present it to them in such a way that they will be willing to buy.
This is one of the surest and easy way to make money from the internet in Kenya and you don't really need a start up capital. The only thing that may cost you is your time spend as well as any little amount you put up for the marketing campaign like in setting up a platform to do that.

How do you really get started with Affiliate Marketing in Kenya?
Well you will need to:
- Identify merchants who are offering affiliate partnerships
- Sign up as an affiliate with the merchant
- Copy your affiliate link or code
- Promote your code
- Monitor your commissions and your best channels
- Receive and cash your earnings

When working as an affiliate marketer, the main job would be promoting your affiliate code in such a way that will encourage people to keep clicking on it.
How do you get as many people to click on it and even get sales? Well you can do this by setting up a website, blog or other platform where you can make reviews of the promoted item in question and include your affiliate link in form of texts links or banners. Try to answer as many possible questions people are likely to ask and provide useful information to the end users. This would encourage people to even contemplate buying the item that you are promoting.
I wouldn't advice using online advertising to promote our sales since it is more costly and may still not guarantee sales. Having a content site that deals with the product in question would be much better for your and you should focus on that. You may even set up a domain name related to that product and add about 10 articles or so that talk in detail about it and that may very well be enough to promote it.
Good examples of an affiliate sites that use a domain name and some content just to promote an affiliate product is: and
There are lot of other sites like that which are just dedicated to talking about affiliate products and they really make a lot of sales and get high commissions. So it doesn't matter the kind of item you are promoting, all you may need to do it provide people with relevant information and get a commission from it.